Sourdough toast 

with homemade raspberry jam + butter (v) £2.00

Homemade almond granola

 with yogurt, maple syrup, berries + toasted coconut (v) £4.50 

Toasted banana + sesame seed bread 

with caramel sauce, toasted pistachios, sesame seeds + banana (v) £4.50

Vegan Pancakes - WEEKENDS ONLY , toppings change weekly

Free range eggs on toast £3.75

Smoked carrot + wakame

on sourdough with scrambled eggs, capers + dill £6.50

swap eggs for tofu (v) £6.95

Smokey chickpeas

on sourdough toast with fresh salsa, spring onions, tamari chilli pumpkin seeds and coriander (v) £6.95

Verde eggs 

on sourdough toast with two poached eggs, hummus, 

courgette ribbons + salsa verde £6.95

Avocado on sourdough toast 

Classic with two poached eggs, feta, sesame seeds, 

pistachios + chilli oil £6.95

Vegan with scrambled tofu, spinach, sesame seeds, 

pistachios + chilli oil (v) £6.95


Soup of the day with bread (v) £3.50

Toasted bagel with smoked carrot + wakame

dill, capers, pickled red onions, cream cheese+ salad (v) £6.95

Tofu / Halloumi club sandwich 

Marinated smoked tofu OR Halloumi, avocado, lettuce, tomato, homemade mayonnaise in three slices of bread, served with red cabbage, mint, pistachio salad + gherkin (v) £6.95

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